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Apr 2, 2011
Ok, update blog!

Ok, aku saje jer update blog ni - saje keeping this blog alive.
We'll see how far this blog bleh tahan.. .hahahahahaha...


Posted at 06:20 pm by Muaz
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Nov 4, 2009
OMG! Boleh login la blog ni..haha


Wahhh... boleh login lah plak.. hahaha.. Cun la.. okay, ni first update aku.

"Aku merasa serba salah utk datang main futsal samada dgn puchong ataupun dgn budak2 subang..

Last week, aku dah main dgn budak2 subang.. so, this week aku akan main dgn puchong pulak. Dgr kata akan lawan dgn team subang jugak..

So, maknanya boleh main dua dua sekali.. aku sungguh happy! hahaha wth.."

Ok dah.

Yg lain2..sila lah update. Kalau korang tak ingat username or password, tanya ND - dialah original blog owner. Hehehe :p


Posted at 05:38 pm by Muaz
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Aug 29, 2005
dont know.

what is life after MAwi?

resentment? anxiety? new lease of entertainment?

we would hope that.

i am in a sense of ambiguosity.

i haven't decide on my part time income just yet.

love it but its a hell of time.

i guess just have to wait and see.

just like what mawi would do.

Posted at 04:47 pm by manzek
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Aug 22, 2005
Lama gile tak update

Hahaha...dah lama tak update. Well, what's new? Nothing much actually. Makin bosan dgn kerja yg amat boring bila takde keje. Tapi bila ada keje, bz gile.

Currently :-

- getting hooked with photography...baru beli SLR digicam last month...a new hobby i guess. For the pics, click here
kereta aku?...still standard. Tgh kumpul duit nak beli 17 rims and beli spring eibach. (Aku tau la manzek dah ada rim 17 baru..lawa..)
 aku takleh main futsal for time being. Hopefully not for long. Ankle aku still in pain after terpeleot with severely sprained ankle last 5 months.
- aku rindu nak jumpa korang...teratorians...manzek, puchong, naza, bob, siluman, muaz, jas, azwan and others...bile agaknya nak lepak cam dulu eh..

hmmm...ape lagi cerita eh...yg aku tau, manzek baru habis dgn AF3 nya...nanti aku nak jumpa kau la manzek...nak tau the inside story of AF3...hehehe...well, keep in touch guys! You know where to find me.. ;)

Posted at 11:06 pm by irwandy
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Aug 18, 2005

berapa punya lama daaaa...

ok la..
aku nak cerita.. macam2 punya hal..

mawi punya hal, master punya hal
15 K punya hal..

futsal dah tak pegi, hidup sana sini..
ntah dah hapa2..

i am lost in translation...

Posted at 04:03 pm by manzek
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Mar 24, 2005
Life after Vader.

last time i wrote anything was when
i am still with my vader and weigh 7 kilo's

 a lot of things happened after that.
i am driving a thing of my teenage dream.
a 155.
ahhh.. what a feelin; owning something
that you wanted for sooo long.

then, things happened that you dont expect it.

accept that it is my karma. stressful and kinda
lost it sometimes. what more with an added burden
of a tesis completion.

few times i have question myself. what am i doing
here? why am i doing what i had been doing?
where is all this heading to?

i am more relaxed about life nowadays. just
see life as something ' transparent' and 'ongoing'.

5 times a day. a life of peacefullness.

Posted at 08:41 pm by manzek
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Mar 2, 2005

Aku saje nak update sbb takde org nak update. Sekian terima kasih.

Posted at 12:19 am by irwandy
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Dec 20, 2004
some scrap, talking about crap - 2nd episode.

what is life without a sense of
ambiguity? that u know everything that
is to know about anything? wouldnt it be
wonderful rite? nahh dont think so.

you see, john Q is a depiction of a man,
so powerful in his mind that everything
that he dont know would be
surprising; even for himself.

when you have ambiguity, the sense of
trying out will be the resort thus
in that action, you will breathe something
new to your life. take for instance, join in
judo or blood donation or help voluntarily
at public home services; things that you
havent been able to get into.

by having this uncertainty also, you will be
more cautious about those unknown.
telling secrets to those you dont know,
eventually, it will drive that person
away or manipulate that secret against you.
trust is for you to lose, not gained.

oversimplification and overexaggeration are the keys to
losing friends and gaining enemies. the line
between unsimplify and simplify is careful
and that will be the saviour of any kind of

careful with those who you shared secrets with
careful with forgetful friends..
careful with your special one (for unmarried couples only)
careful with whom you give your heart to
careful with unforgiving friends
careful with your love towards other team than Arsenal,
because all of that above, in the end, it will
be the mother of ambiguosity; of not knowing
what to do or where to head....
the only way out is,
down under.

Posted at 02:49 pm by manzek
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Dec 15, 2004

There's a trash...
but there's something inside the thrash that are not supposed to be there...
picked it up and washed it..clean it...with all the hassles...
Polished it and took a very good care of it...

And out of nowhere...came a person..
took it away...and took everything...
pretended to be the hero...

well..fuck off that piece of thrash..fuck off that person..

Posted at 07:59 pm by irwandy
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Nov 17, 2004
some scrap, talking about crap.


it is what happening to my friend somewhere.


could happen to someone in the name of loving someone.


is not some bed of roses, yet its not as bad as u think.


is not the end, its only the beginning.


is a city of shopping complexes and huge murtabak plus the origins of otak otak.

a companion indeed.

red, purple, black...

the colours of life.

wgq5270 vader

is an extended human senses that covers distances.

futsal + arsenal...

is about enjoying life's ups and downs.

Posted at 02:23 am by manzek
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